14 to 19 October 2022


FF Tallahassee

Ambassadors: 12

Our adventure began with a warm welcome brunch, setting the tone for the incredible experiences to come. We were amazed as we embarked on a captivating tour of Stagnate and Stagomite Caves, immersing ourselves in the wonders of underground formations. Holding onto our hats, we enjoyed an amazing boat ride, encountering alligators and manatees in their natural habitat, creating memories to last a lifetime. We indulged in leisurely picnics amidst stunning natural surroundings, followed by an enlightening exploration of butterfly wisdom through a 3D movie and nature walk. Our journey took us to a Spanish Mission, where we learned about successful integration with local aboriginal communities, fostering peace and unity. Throughout our four fabulous days together, we experienced laughter, adventure, and the formation of lifelong friendships. It was an extraordinary journey filled with fun and meaningful experiences!

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