20 to 28 October 2022


St. Petersburg

Ambassadors: 14

St. Petersburg warmly welcomed 14 ambassadors from FFMV on an unforgettable Outbound journey filled with enriching experiences and lasting memories. The adventure began with a beautiful brunch, setting the stage for the exciting days ahead. Ambassadors were treated to an extraordinary tour of The Daly Museum, where they immersed themselves in art and culture. The journey continued with a vibrant Multicultural Fair, featuring fabulous food and entertainment from diverse cultures. Ambassadors also enjoyed a visit to the Ringling Circus miniature museum, marveling at the intricate displays. A scenic boat ride offered breathtaking views and a dolphin escort, creating magical moments on the water. The group also visited St. Nicholas’ beautiful church, appreciating its stunning architecture and history. Amidst beaches and new friendships, ambassadors feasted together and enjoyed a hilarious trivia game featuring both areas. It was a journey filled with laughter, learning, and cherished memories shared among friends old and new.

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