FFMV Welcomes
New Zealand

10 to 17 July 2023


FF Hamilton, NZ

Journey Program Highlights

Ambassadors: 17

Welcome Party & Burnaby Village Heritage Park:
We kicked off our journey with a delightful luncheon and a charming visit to Burnaby Village Heritage Park, complete with a joyful ride on the Carrousel.

Granville Island Adventure:
A scrumptious lunch at Granville Island preceded a scenic journey via False Creek Ferry to The Maritime Museum. We capped off the day with a leisurely drive through the iconic Stanley Park.

Exploring Fort Langley:
A day filled with history and fun awaited us at Fort Langley, followed by an unforgettable farewell soirée by the pool. Greek delicacies, photo opportunities, and lively singing and dancing made it an evening to remember!

Ambassador Comments:
Our free day was a big hit, with participants exploring a range of destinations like Grouse Mountain, White Rock Pier, and Kawkawa Lake in Hope. It was a testament to the diverse passions and interests within our group!

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